I lost my friend

2004 poems
I lost my friend
because of a lie.
I really don't know why
but I think it is true.
I lost my friend
and I always wonder why
we both don't want to say goodbye.
That's why we feel so blue inside
And I think we don't even have a clue.
I lost my friend
When I was young.
My friend was so nice to me
Every time I really needed a friend.
I cry every night because
I lost my friend.
When my friend was here in my life
They always knew how to brightening 
up my day.
I pray to God
One day that He'll bring my friend
back into my life.
I lost my friend
and I still wonder why.
I've never felt this way about a friend before.
It's true and it hurts so bad to think 
about it everyday.
I just wish that I had a friend in them again.
(c)Cherisse Powers
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