2004 poems

When you gave me advice,
I did not have to pay a price
To get advice from you.
Thanks for giving me advice on
Those crazy boys.
When you gave me advice
About those crazy boys
My whole life changed.

It changed from someone who did
Not know what they want in a
Boy, because they still had their
Mind on some weird toy.

When you were there to
Give me advice
I was like, am I doing the right thing
By asking for advice from someone
Who is already married?

I think so.

Now since you gave me advice
On I those crazy boys,
Now I know who I want to share my
Whole life with, just because
You gave me

Advice that one day.

So I like to say
Thanks for giving me such
Great advice, because when
You did I felt like someone
Actually cares for me
Just by giving me advice.

You're just some beautiful
Blessing that shined on my
Heart at the time that I
Needed advice.

I did not know which way
To go anymore until I broke down
And made that phone call to you,

To say please give me advice
About Boy's?

Because if not they just
Might keep on playin' me
Like some kind of weird toy.

Thanks for the advice that you
Gave, it was one of your best,
Keep it up girl I believe in you.

(c)Cherisse Powers


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