The cold

2004 poems
It's so cold 
that I don't know 
how it got so cold.
But I did,
And now I'm just holding on to my body
So that I won't be so cold anymore. 
The cold always seems to make me shiver. 
When I shiver most of the time
I usually get fevers from being too cold.
Just thinking of the word cold
Makes me wonder I'm really cold,
Or am I just writing all this down
I feel so cold deep down inside my soul.
Whatever it is, 
It's making me real cold right now.
I'm really cold just thinking about 
Being cold deep down inside your soul.
Before I get anymore cold than what I am,
I am just going to let you go now.
And make sure in the future 
To stay warm instead of cold.
(c)Cherisse Powers
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