When we care

2004 poems
I think that the word care means that someone loves you no matter how terrible you mess up in life.
When people can, it comes natural to me,
because even if you don't care,
There is someone else out there who cares for me.
I  care a lot about the people that surround me every day of my life.
What would this world be like; if there was not anyone to care for you?
That is a tough question even for me.
If people don't care about me, 
Who really cares, because I know that I have other people in my life who do care for me.
So if you don't think that anyone cares for you; just look up at the stars at night time and say God I know in my heart that you care for me no matter how terrible you mess up in my terrible life.
Just me knowing that you care for me 
I want say something to you right now.
And that is I love you so very much and I don't want you to forget who I am like everyone else did.
(c)Cherisse Powers
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