I make mistakes

2004 poems
I want people to think of me as a respectful person in life.
But how can I; when I am,jumping everyone's butt for something that they did not say or even did to me.
I make the most mistakes in my life 
that I don't even know that I have made one.
No one makes as many mistakes as I have in my life time.
Because one day I was talking with a real good friend of mine, and I happen to start a fight with them that I shouldn't have, and I thought to myself for a few hours, what did my friend ever do to me?
I told myself nothing.
So I thought the same night I tried to ask for forgiveness.
They told me okay I will,
Just don't let it happen again.
I make mistakes and 
I don't even know why I even do them in the first place.
Mistakes are hard to come by, that is what I think it is.
No matter how hard I try not to make mistakes;  I still end up making them.
(c)Cherisse Powers
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