The perfect person

2004 poems

Mom, mom, mom
What's this thing that you have
That I don't?
Mom, mom,mom
Why do I seem like
I am bad, when I am around you?
There's something about you
that I've been dying to know
Ever since I was young.
How are you so perfect?
The perfect person
That I care for, is the person
That I always do dares with.
Why are you always perfect
And I'm nothing but trouble?
The perfect person
In my mind will always be my Mom.
If it was not for you
I would not be here today
Watching your eyes feel up with tears
When you read this.
The perfect, the better.
That's what you are
The perfect person in my life right now.
I love my perfect mom, and
Please always remember that Okay.

(c)Cherisse Powers


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