Self Discovery


Tears stream from troubled eyes as the love in her heart slowly dies
Years spent chasing dreams and running from memories only to be held captive by her thoughts.
Why has life ceased to have meaning?
Why has fate been so unkind?
What has she done to deserve this nagging feeling that nothing will ever be good again?
That nothing will ever be right?

Silence is deafening in her self-imposed bubble of isolation.
Any ray of light that pierces through the darkness that has become her life burns her soul.
Faces fade into the back of her mind like postcards in an old forgotten drawer.
She long ago forgot who she was.
After all, with no future worth running to, why remember the past?

She'll continue to run down this never-ending path of twists and turns
Where shadows have become confidants and light her greatest foe.
And somewhere in the gloom of self discovery she'll find herself...
Not the girl that the world sees with the fake plastic smile and idle chit chat that is expected.
No, she will find the girl that the world long ago forgot.
The girl with the bleeding heart and the wounded soul.

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