Two birds, one stone

“Always sleep with one eye open, especially when you don't know them well” those were the last words his father had told Ben. The words kept  haunting him while he was on the road with Lucas, the instruction was clear just deliver the message with the package and leave, take an eye on Lucas hes known for being a thief if anything happens get rid of him. The journey was long and the summer was the worst, with hot wind itd irritate your eyes with the sand it came with.


Look! the gator river, we must be close Ben, look i know you've heard things about me most of them bad, but truth is my past will haunt me forever. it all started with… let me ask you a question, have you ever had a bad day Ben? Im talking about a really really bad day, where it all goes wrong and keeps getting worst.


indeed i have, and i won't deny about what ive heard from you wish i don't mind, we all come from a dark past, some of us darker than another, some even from hell.


So Ben, since were in the middle of nowhere, with no one around to see us why don't we see what the message says and what's inside this heavy package. it's not like were gonna sell it or go directly to war both of us to a big army, thatd be stupid.



Ben knew he shouldnt do that, but he was still a human full of curiosity and he couldn't deny that he wanted to see whats inside as well, since it seems something important that he might never ever know about, and right know he had what seems to be the only opportunity.


No Lucas…. this aint meant for us, lets proceed we still have a long road ahead, and i really wanna go back.


Lucas stare at Ben with an angry face, you could read the hate and greed in his eyes, he kept patting his pocket as in to make sure there was something still there, Ben was prepared incase he wanted to hurt him, but that's the last words they say to each other during that day, the night came in with the stars dancing around the moon. They both went to sleep just as any other day, as the night goes by the cold of rusted iron filled Ben's chest, as a red river started coming out of it. Ben looked at Lucas as he steals the key to the package.


i was just trying to make an alliance with you ben…. now ive given you a war you can not win


Lucas reaches for the package and opens it, surprised and excited because there was  a heavy paper bag inside it


Ah… golden coins, see? we couldve been rich ben, seems like it's all for me now, i always wanted to do this. Lucas gave a bite to the coin to make sure it was real gold, what it seemed to be a coin exploded once it felt the pressure of his teeth, Lucas throat  filled with holes and him passing out was something Ben looked at before falling asleep, as his eyes became heavier all he could think of was “Always sleep with one eye open, especially when you don't know them well…”

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