Open Your Eyes,

Life isnt what you think

People who smile the most,

Have the Deepest scars,

Cries themselves to sleep.

And those people,

Need the most help. 


You may think you know someone

Until you realize, You don't.

You didnt realize that there are

New Scars. New Burn Marks. 

And they aren't Eating. 

Things Aren't As They Seem.


You don't realize 

But that person

Isn't your friend

Nor a stranger.

But that person is You.

You didn't realize, Till someone saw the Scars.


They may worry.

Threaten to tell.

Try to help. 

Try to stop you. 

But they don't.

Instead, They fade away.


Now they know. 

But don't help.

They fade away. 

And so do you. 

Into thin Air.

No one knows.

No one care.

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