I know a set of twins and they are a wonderful thing they bring new life in to everything they are beautiful and full of new ideas blooming into beautiful young ladies a couple of little heart-breakers they will be they can be trouble but most times they are not they can read each others minds and thoughts and know when the other is hurt when apart when one could cry the other would too and if one were sick the other wasn't far behind if one was in trouble the other would stick beside her, and if they wanted to be a set angelic girls they could pull it off so well, some say twins can be so hard to raise but take it from my mom its not hard at all

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem i know it does not make sense to many but i have a set of twin sisters that i love alot and i felt like making a poem about them because i know they would love to read it eventually or when they get the chance to

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