Miss Those Days

i miss those days

where i got in my car

picked up some friends

driving around

blasting music

and having a laugh

and a blast


i miss those days

where there were parties

every friday night

every saturday night

bonfires in the


everyone was happy

and having fun


i miss those days

going to a friends


just to talk about

the good, the bad

even the ugly and weird

deep and silly

and preparing for a party


and making it fun


i miss those days

where there were Banger parties

to go to

and everyone knew


a room to toke in

a porch to smoke on

and music blasting

you can hear down the block

and everyone was pumped


i wish i could go back

to those days

but im happy where

life has me now

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a nostalgic piece to my partying days

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