An Angel Named Justin


An angel, a guardian

such a sweet and caring nature

chocolate brown hair

with bluish green hazeled eyes

always looking over me


you have a sense

when something is wrong

when something is not right

like a spidey sense

a sixth sense or second nature

about you


you called me everyday

to hear my voice

to make sure i was okay

to make sure i was alive

sometimes you wouldn't

let me off the phone

until i told you the problems

as much as i was afraid

to tell you'

knowing how you would react


we leost touch for five days

which seemedlike weeks,

ages, seemed like


once i contacted you

even though it was on the web

i can tell you calmed down

and was happy

elated, ecstatic

that your best friend

your favorite person

was alive

and somewhat well


your caring soul

your calming, soothing voice

i yearned to hear it

i yearned to see you

this is why

i will always call you

My Guardian Angel

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my bets friend is also my boyfriend and i consider him my guardian angel. this is an ode to him and why he is my guardian angel