One End to Another


From my home state

New Jersey

where my family and llife are

to Arizona'

where i knew nobody

mayb only 3 people

who barely knew me

all i had was a suitcase

backpack, my purse

and someone who said they loved me

bring me to this starnge town

in what seemed like a strange land

away from my comfort zone

scared and alone


Soon the depression kicked in

i tried to do crafts and art i love

but the depression stuck

all i had was art and drugs

and someone who said they loved me

but actually loved the control

the control he thought he had

always pissed when i was on the phone

demanding to know who

was on the other end

controlling what i can

and cannot do

and how to spend my own money


i would cry to my mother

but i felt stuck

one day i just cracked

i wanted ouyt of the cage

i wanted my freedom

my family, my friends


soon i finally had the reigns

to control my life

gain my freedom

be in my home with my family again

love the things i love and care bout

i thought my life was over

but i wanted to continue

my story

My twisted story of a life


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is another poem about the emotional and verbal abuse i suffered from my ex who brought me across the country to control me