The Beauty Of Death


As i walk through the gates

of an old cemetary

the howling of the wind

and dead silence

embrace me as i feel relaxed

as if i was right at home


As i walk through each row

looking at the headstones

i fel who they are

their pain, their suffering

i feel them and their being


the silence calls to me

lets me be the empath i am

and feel what others feel

the good, bad, everything

in between


The light of the moon

bouncng off the gates

the fences, the headstones

giving an eerie feeling

but beautiful scenary


Some flowers are layed out

wilted and dying

a morbid yet beautiful scene

for an eerie, silent place

a beautifully creepy resting place


Spirirts all around

passing by, feeling my energy

Energy so calm and peaceful

they are almost lured to me'

to keep company and to show us

Somethings that seem creepy

or even scary

are beautifuland a part of us

it is what makes us human




Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a poem about my experiences in graveyards and resting places

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