A Placed Mistake

As it could have been said to me once by a friend,

That life at times "a folly" does send,

In caniption and frenzy of incomprehensible waste,

That only poised, in retrospect one is able to place,

A meaning or reason or no meaning at all,

As to how upon one this occurrence did fall,

And perhaps it was meant or merely just happened,

Maybe a grip was too tight or simply just slackened.

And to remember through the clamour and haste,

That this world with you still holds a place,

A place of peace, prosperity, promise and hope,

Through much misunderstanding allows us to cope,

That place does never lose its true path,

It be the vessel of strength of the pure heart.

© R.H.Elliott 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ah, golly gee, there are many things in this world that s..t me to tears, one of them me but at times there also be a great joy in it all.

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