One Corinthians fourteen
Speaks the commandments of the Lord
About the use of speaking in tongues
And not going overboard.

He who prays in the spirit
Speaks unto God and not to men;
In the spirit he speaks mysteries
But, in silence I commend.

Should he utter in spirit aloud
With unknown tongue he now doth speak
An interpretation must be given
This instruction I now complete.

The church is NOT to lose control
Shepherd saying, 'speak in tongues, commence'
But decently and in ORDER
And not cause the Lord offence.

For many times the church does speak
Nearly all do start to babble;
This makes the house of God become
Just like, a lot of rabble.

Now, if in this I give offence
You might say, 'it is false teaching'
I answer, you had better think again
For it's the Holy Spirit preaching.

I am a man who is spiritual
I acknowledge things from God's throne,
Verse 37 of chapter 14
Is the reason for this poem !

1 Corinthians 14:22-40

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