In the birth of Yeshua
By the Spirit of God on High
We understand our new birth
To be in Yeshua, we must die.

The Logos became flesh
God was in Him too
He was humbled to be a man
To be made like me and you.

He had no sin, like us
Being sinless Oh was He
And His precious, precious blood
He shed it at Calvary.

And being dead and buried
This price He paid for man;
He came alive the third day
Never to die again.

Now, we must look and see
With Spirit filled hearts indeed
How the Logos becoming flesh
Explains a great truth we need.

The Word was conceived by God's Spirit
And the Word became a man
Filled with all God's power
This was the start of God's plan.

So, when we see the Spirit of God
Born into the hearts of men
Conception then has taken place
And they are born again.

Just as God was in Yeshua
Dwelling flesh you see
So, Yeshua dwells in us -
Both Lords in you and me.

So do you see my friends
Just how the incarnation
Explains to us quite clearly
Our spiritual birth by salvation ?

John 1

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