Many say unto the Lord
'I thirst as a weary land'
Methinks that they have missed the truth
That doth come from Yeshua's hand.

The Lord said, 'if any man thirst
let him come unto me,
for the water that I give him to drink'
Shall last eternaly.

This spoke he of the Spirit
Given to those who believe
On Yeshua as the 'Scripture hath said'
They that thirst did NOT receive.

Now, should you want to thirst no more
Then believe what Yeshua hath said;
And stop playing around with the Word of God
Be baptized with the Spirit instead.

The Christians who say unto God 'I thirst'
Have no peace and are not content
Shows clearly they have NOT entered in
By the blood of the New covenant.

For Yeshua hath said, 'You shall thirst NO MORE
when you drink of the water I give.'
So ask the Lord Yeshua to baptize you
With the holy spirit and LIVE !!!

John 1:33; 4:14; 7:37-39 Acts 1:5-8 etc. etc.

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