The fear that is upon the Earth
Causes men to quake
The fear of an atomic war
Is more than man can take.
Of course they seek a saviour
A man to bring them peace
If he comes from God or Satan
The UN said, 'he shall increase'
For this world will give him power
In return for the peace he brings
They will worship and adore him
Sell their souls for many things.
But the peace that he will bring
Will be but a lie from hell
For Satan cannot give man peace
Though a truth in this I'll tell.

The prince of the power of the air
Will be given his own place
By the Earth's United Nations
Who refused God's peace through grace.
Now this prince is Satan
And he seeks to rule the Earth
The New Age men will give him this
For they have not second birth.
And in time atomic war may come
A destruction wrought with fire
Satan's peace confirms his name
As the everlasting liar.

But true peace comes from God alone
And in Yeshua the Christ is found
Not troubled by atomic war -
God's peace is Calvary's ground !!

'Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Yeshua the Christ'

Romans 5:1

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