To murder one's own body

Is to seal eternal death

To take your life by your own hand

And cut off your own breath.

For many say of suicide

'A brave act it does seem'

But a tragedy is this way out

From things that, might have been.

For to those that suicide

It brings them but a curse

Compared to the troubles they left behind

Their state is now far worse.

'cause choosing death instead of life

In the Christ who rose to save;

The only portion they have left

Is the rotteness of the grave.

John 3:16

SUICIDE....'If a murderer is guilty because he is a destroyer of man, he who kills himself is under the same guilt. For he also kills a man. In fact his crime can be considered the greater, for the punishment of it belongs to God alone. We did not come into this life of our own accord. Therefore, we can withdraw from this habitation of the body.....only by the command of Him who placed us in this body. We are to inhabit it until He orders us to depart from it.' Lactantius c. 304 - 313

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