I may not have the answer to your question

I may not know the problems you possess

I may not be a man who understands you

I may not fulfill the standard I confess.

I may not measure to the yardstick of the Bible

I may not be a righteous man all the day

I may not think the thoughts that I ought to

I may not utter good speech in all I say.

For the answer I can't give you, Yeshua has it

For your problem I don't know, Yeshua sees

For my lack of understanding, Yeshua has been there

For the standard I can't fulfill, Yeshua frees.

For full measure of the Bible, Yeshua is this

For the righteousness I need, Yeshua lives,

For my mind to be renewed, is Yeshua thinking

For my tongue to speak with grace, Yeshua gives.

Ephesians 4:20-32

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