Only By The SPIRIT

It is only by the God's Spirit

That we can ever know

What happened in that stable

So very long ago.

The Word becoming flesh

That as YESHUA, the LOGOS might be

A sacrifice for sin

On the Tree of Calvary.

Because before the World began

God had decided to

Send the Man called Yeshua

To die for me and you.

It was planned before creation

God predestined Him to die

The Word to be in flesh

In time's fulness, bye and bye.

For this is a great mystery

Even angels cannot tell

But praise God for Yeshua

God's fulness in Him dwells.

Before the Word was flesh

In heaven He did dwell;

With the Holy FATHER;

Who is GOD, and this I tell.

In the beginning God created

By the Spirit and the Word

These two are one together

For Yeshua' voice I heard.

So, in the word called GOD

Who is the deity

I believe that we have lost

A truth that we must see.

And that truth is this

That Yeshua is the One

Who is the Word the Logos


Ephesians 1:17-23

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