They worship not the Creator

Who is blessed forever, amen

But they bow before the creation

And worship the creature in man.

So God gave them over to passions

Both men and women as well,

They work that which is evil

For them, their own place is hell.

The homosexual, the lesbian

Have turned from the natural way;

Working that which is unseemly

To their lusts they have given sway.

Women with women in wickedness

Men that mate with their kind

The sight of them all is in darkness;

They all have a reprobate mind.

Their practices are the damnation

A recompence which is meet;

God has given them over to Satan

The yeast of their sin they must eat.

For they have changed the glory of God

Into an image of corruptible man,

Of birds and fourfooted beasts

They have made God whatever they can.

This wickedness of man might be

A thing that you practice too ?

I say, repent and turn unto Jesus

Read Romans, chapters one and two.

'You shall not lay with a man as with a woman, it is abomination' Leviticus 18:22

Romans  1:18-26 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

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