The 11th Commandment

Have you heard the 11th commandment

You know what I'm talking about;

The one you hear spoken on Sundays

The one that, kicks Yeshua out.

It's repeated more times than enough

I suppose it does tickle the ear:

It is preached instead of the gospel

The one that folks love to hear.

There are some who oppose this commandment

For they daily humble themselves;

Obeying the words of Yeshua

'All of God and none of yourselves.'

But surely, you've heard this commandment

That todays pastors just love to preach ?

The 11 commandment from Satan

'Thou shalt be rich if you obey what I teach.'

'Many teach, that gain is Godliness, from such with-draw thyself.'

1 Timothy 6:5

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