Our Corner

Our corner is along the street

As far as you can go;

And if you have problems

Then we don't want to know.

Our corner is a refuge

So we don't have to face

The reality of the problems

That plague the human race.

Our corner is our world

So we can forget the other man

For he can go to hell !

Most times we wish he can.

Our corner is all by itself

But, just the other day

Someone knocked upon our door

With something bad to say.

"Your corner can't remain alone"

Did this person say;

"For you must learn to leave it

and help others in their way.

Our corner we replied

Is very, very small

And there is no room in it

For someone else, at all.

"Your corner might be small" said he

"But leave it or you'll find,

your little, little corner -

just suits your little mind."

Philippians 2:1-7

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