Too hot
What IS that noise
Dog butt in my face
Oreo theme song on repeat
Crap I forgot to put the clothes in the dryer
Why can't people just be kind?
Remember to make that appointment 
I miss my sister 
Too cold
Ugh my gut
Maybe I'm hungry 
Oreo song again
Is it raining?
Don't forget workout clothes
I hope my grandma is doing ok
I wonder if anyone else is up right now?
Good Lord that's a big fart for a small dog
One more game of Mahjong 
Maybe if I just close my eyes
Left side
No, right
Everything itches
Guess I'll check Facebook 
Ugh now it's 3:15
No way I'll get enough sleep now
May as well stay up 
And just power through the day
I'll surely sleep really great
Tomorrow night 

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