I never knew I needed a Daddy 

Until you 


I'm a strong woman 

I handle my shit

I don't need to be coddled 


taken care of

I'm the caretaker 

Ask anyone 

I'm a Badass Super Woman


Never mind that I internalize my stress 

Let it eat me from the inside 

gnawing on my guts

shriveling my amygdala

Behold the malignant duty

of a super woman:

to endure in silence so that those we love 

may live carefree 





You were...



From the moment our eyes met

under the awning of the coffee shop

You knew my need for touch:

in reassurance 

in emphasis 

in desire;

Knew because it was your own need 


You examined me as if I were the most 

fascinating specimen 

you'd ever seen


It came naturally


Burbled unbidden from my lips

as if I'd always called you that

As if I'd always known the magic word

to quicken your visceral animus

Awaken your primal purpose:

sacred yet salacious

pious yet profane 


"Oh, Daddy..."

Borne on a sigh

moulding perfectly

warm and fragrant

like a familiar leather jacket

long forgotten 


When you took my face In your fervent hands

And your eyes bored into mine

I saw wonder 





And when you said



your hands shook with such conviction 

that my breath halted


And in that space between breaths


I knew


Knew I could be stronger, better

knew I could have shelter 

respite always in your waiting arms 

unconditional acceptance 

and healing energy


A safe place for emotional bloodletting

where I could admit without shame

that I am not really super woman 

At least not all the time


Sometimes I'm overwhelmed 

Just a scared, reckless little girl 

with no idea what she's doing 

who fucks up spectacularly 

and loses her goddamn mind

and desperately 


needs her Daddy



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written 2/2/17

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