Rex Patri

you know you could take me down

put me on my knees

with brute force of body and will

but there is no need


unto the compelling blue of your eyes,

your unspoken expectation 

I gladly surrender 


you'll tell me later I'm your goddess

but you, you are my king

I kneel gratefully before you

a peasant deity without degradation 


fall to my knees because

it is the rightful position

from which to lift

my adoring eyes to yours


because from here you look so strong and big

and make me feel so naked and small

because from my altar at your feet

I know you will soon raise me up as your queen


so please

make me your filthy babygirl goddess whore

and I... I will forever worship you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written 2/14/16

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