The Silence on the Other End

Rage Poetry

Sorry… I haven't had a free minute all day

Try not to choke on your own bullshit.

Once upon a happier time
weren't you far above 
such transparent platitudes?

Nobody's stupid here.
Barring rare emergencies
Or maybe travel
How often is life ever 
actually too crazy 
for a five second tap of the thumbs?
Or a two-second 
“Dictate -> Send?”

Thinking of you, Lover
OMG crazy busy… miss you
Baby, I so look forward to chatting later

See, when someone is a priority 
Tme management: irrelevant 
Choices: unconscious
Effort: effortless
Love does not feel connection as burden
Love craves that communion

Don't you remember how that feels?

So come on - cut the crap
own your ugly truth: 
your other is not a priority anymore

Invested people 
try a little harder
find time, make choices and efforts
squelch the insidious onset
of burden 

They connect, connect, and reconnect
Most especially 
when life tries to get in the way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written 10/27/14

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