The Blue Room

Erotic Poetry

My mind is a dark brothel hallway 

low-lit by under door slits

stale with damp desperation 

cheap cologne and spilt seed


The back room of a porn store

behind a grungy velour curtain

torpid air, sticky floor

hypnotic throb of perversion 


In these places you do such things to me


Crush me between the tacky wall

and your urgency 

wrench my neck to that 

precise angle of surrender 

teeth testing the very sinews 

of my resolve 

eyes leaving no doubt

you've come to stake your claim


Over and over you've ground me

between the filthy floor

and your heaving chest

your trembling belly 

your pounding hips

your hard cock


Oh, lover

you give so selfishly 

and take so selflessly


In the blue rooms of my mind

you've already fucked me

so many ways



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written 8/26/15

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