The Good Girl (a polyamory poem)

Polyamory Poetry

It's easier to be The Good Girl

the generous, open-minded, secure girl

when That Girl is far

far away


When you're safe from spontaneous 


or when you know that 

crossing paths 

on a late-night-fat-pants-clad ice cream run

is clearly a nonissue


So much more tolerable if That Girl 

isn't quite as pretty or witty

or as smart as you

if she's quietly content being plain 

and outshined

because she knows 

(her place)

she knows she can't hold the spotlight

not around you


When you know That Girl isn't really 


Not to be mean but

she actually, in a weird way 

makes you feel sort of better about yourself 


And if there's going to have to be a That Girl

she should not

by her very existence 

make you question everything 


Everything you were so goddamn sure

you already knew about 

your relationship 

about him

and even about yourself

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written 8/15/15

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