For Broken Hearts

I really thought I was the exception

above it all

more than mortal


But then the knife to my gut

punched through my flesh

twisted and snagged

threatening to pull my humanity

inside out

in thick steaming ropes



there were sweat-drenched dreams

of torn limbs

flayed flesh

of beds burning as I watched

with an eerie smile

I didn't recognize myself

though I somehow 

knew myself


Perhaps one day

that knife in my gut

will feel like just an extension of me

and I will walk the streets 

with a vapid grin

blood-soaked shirt

knife handle sticking out

as if it's all so normal


As if each step I take doesn't jar the blade

as if each twist doesn't sear

with the steely reminder 

of my failure

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written 5/26/15

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