Pisces (Reprise)

I cruise through saltwater stardust


with the pale, brooding moon,

wallow in its shimmering wake

and wonder at the unknowable depths 

of longing


In thick primordial dreams 

I plumb stygian leagues

and in dark matter 


among flickering plasma 

and icy shards

I find you


Yang to my yin

my mutable twin 

we were made to breach 

side by side

scales flashing

in crashing briny breakers

spumy with moonlight 

and ozone 

and wildness


We are not free

in this lifetime 

to wholly entwine 

and for love of you 

I will make no waves 


I will slip 

into myself

in piscine passivity adrift 




In liquid stillness 

I will thirst

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