I'm not the litmus test

for whether you're a good man

red for acid, blue for base


any more than you're

my black pawn on a white square

if I'm craving a checkmate


Base thoughts and desires 

are hardly confined

to red or blue, black or white


A good man has noble intent

continually reassessed, reaffirmed

and his actions are in kind 


For he knows, firsthand

that the best of intentions

can flare brightly, flicker, then fade 

into the maw of the hungry dark 

like fireflies chased 

by goggle-eyed children 


You, dearest

You are a good man.

Stop questioning, testing. 


The litmus strip is always red

well, sometimes reddish purple

but never blue - not anymore


There's no need to prove yourself

to anyone but you, love

and you deserve better from you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written 2/8/15

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