The Gift (a polyamory poem)

Polyamory Poetry

Ooh, this looks interesting, can I have it?

Sure, go ahead. If it makes you happy.

Thank you! I love it!

I'm glad. I love to see you happy.

This gift is wonderful. I'm enjoying it so much. It makes my life richer. Thank you.

…Was your life not rich without it?

Of course it was. It's just “more” now.

I'm happy to see you happy, my love. Just play with it carefully.

Here is a list of rules for playing with your gift.

Rules? Why?

Because that gift could be dangerous. I sort of wish I hadn't let you have it. What's in the box anyway?

It's just love. See? It's beautiful.

That gift is really bothering me. I don't trust you with it.

Do you want me to return it?

No. Then you'll be sad. I couldn't tell you to do that.

But if I really loved you, I'd return it.

Only you can decide.

I wish I'd never given you that gift.

I understand that you feel that way. But you did, and you let me become attached to it. To take it away now would kill a piece of me.

I know. But I was weak when I gave it to you. I would have given you anything.

Regardless of reason, you gave it to me and now you want me to rip it from myself and pretend it doesn't exist.

Whatever. I will just suffer as it destroys bits of me.

I don't understand. How can it be so destructive? It is love. It is beautiful.

It isn't mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally writt 7/13/13

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