I am a cosmic fish.

I wonder at the enormity of my capacity to love.

I hear the echo of the moon in the night sky,

I see its reflected opalescent wake.

I want to swim naked in the rippling saltwater stardust.


I pretend I swim through the shimmering leagues of your soul,

I feel your warmth enfold me;

I touch home, and it feels like you.

I worry that time is our enemy;

I cry at the cold beauty of the eternal moon.


I understand your flame, for I am its twin.

I say I love you without words.

I dream we navigate the celestial seas together.

I try so carefully not to make waves, even as

I yearn to ride the crests of moonlit breakers.

I am a cosmic fish.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written 2/22/14. This poem has has several rewrites over the years. 

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