Fire Line

I'm taking my head and putting it near.

I'm breathing the lead and not shedding a tear.

So what do you say?
What can you say?

To make me afraid.
To drive me insane.


Well, you'd better stay away.
Because there now, is nothing you can say.


I'm not letting anyone hurt me.
I'm making my own protection.

I'm drawing my Fire Line.
You can't cross, you can't cut me this time.
If you try, you'll burn and die.
I stand safe inside, my Fire Line.


The line that I have right here,
circled around me, burning and protecting me.
Waiting for someone to try and cross the line.
And burn on the first try.


The Fire Line is the line that you can't touch, you can't cross, you can't hurt me ever again.
Because the flames will never die out.
The fear will never cry out.
The hate will never scream out.
As long as the fire is still burning.


The Fire Line.
It is mine.
And don't try
to cross the line.
Because you will burn,
and you will die.


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