The War on Myself

I am a soldier in my own means

In these battles all alone I dare not lean

I do not lean to another side

For then I would constantly have to ask why

But still there will be a day

When the blood stops rushing away

After all I waged a war upon myself

I have to put the journal of the past on the shelf

But still I have to fight these battles alone

I am waiting for my war to end so I can go home

And live the life I wanted to live

Soon my soul shall learn to give

All I have is feelings of being weak and powerless

This war may continue on

But my wish is for it not to spawn

Into someone else’s life

For then a sad tune my emerge from the fife

How hard it can be to be pure

How to maintain it sometimes I’m not so sure

But I have to look into the mirror

To look upon myself clearer

Soon this war against myself will end

And soon me, myself, and I will be friends

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