They’ve trained you in arms and combat but you were a killer all along

You never go after the weak victory lies in destruction of the strong

You attack with a purpose even you can’t explain

Throw a bomb and the victim is always the same

Someone who has finally rebuilt their walls of stone

Someone who is not destined to live in peace because you can’t leave her alone

The bomb goes off and she is trapped beneath the weight

And what is to be her fate

Death or deception a casualty of the war

A traitor of her loyalties just to live some more

You rescue her from death and trade it for a half life

Memories of the weight on her heart causes strife

Stockholm syndromes eventually kicks in

Perhaps the war of her heart is one you can win

Bend the reality to your will

String her along until you’ve had your fill

Then you are off to create more devastation

To a brand new land and recently rebuilt nation

Leaving behind clouds of smoke and immeasurable sorrow

Traitors to be hung with the morning light come tomorrow

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