Fallen Angel

Your kisses bring me sweet demise

You are the devil in disguise

The wine we drink is blood of sinners

In this game there are no real winners

The race has been run lets raise a toast

No one is victorious the house may boast

You kiss me and set my soul ablaze

My mind is stuck in a maze

The fog thickens the frogs sing

The virgin bride has lost her ring

Chaos has its own order or so it says

Then rips the fancy white dress

How is justice still just?

How do I know that this isn’t merely lust?

The smoke gets trapped in pores

This maze has way too many doors

The kiss lingers as the memory fades

She thought she was the queen of hearts

turns out she’s the queen of spades

Kiss once more keeping me intoxicated

Turns out this joker was very dedicated

Playgrounds fiery pits painted red

Looks like the inhabitants are all dead

Well that’s hell for you what can you do

Tell the devil thanks and that you’re through

Let sobriety kick in

You will lead a life free of sin

There will be justice just you wait and see

My mouth opens n then he kisses me

It’s all over the heat rises still

And here I have lost my fighting will

The devil's kisses all too true

Oh devil it seems I’ve fallen for you

Your wild ways your sweet sweet wine

You carefree world and its design

The playground of the free

The heat you invoke within me

The lava boils and spills over

The devil is my lover

My head spins in unearthly ways

I am yet another angel fallen from grace

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