We all sometimes subscribe to the dark side

It’s the place where my creativity likes to hide

Mine is darker than others

Reserved for demons and lovers

I envision torture better than a fire pit

One in which they cannot stand or sit

Let them hang upside down

Hurtling towards the ground

Only to be raised again

Like when they offer to be a friend

I will continue to reject

For I never fail to suspect

A lie or a deception

My methods need correction

So I turn them right

Let them run without sight

Mazes with roses and thorns

Flashes of light from thunderstorms

Right ventricle to left

They are left bereft

Confused and confounded

They are finally grounded

Until they realize its quick sand

No one can fight or stand

Disappearing slowly they sink

I laugh you are the weakest link

When he is gone the quiet will creep

And I will finally rest in my sleep

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