Horrors of the Day (9/11)

2006 Poetry

I woke to horror on the screen,

tortured souls leaping to their death.

Flames chasing them into oblivion,

some holding hand in hand.

Heroes on the ground racing in,

without concern for life or limb.

People to save if they could,

was the only thought they understood.

America was attacked by religious fools,

how they hate us for what we stand.

No concern for the sacredity of life,

yet they pray to God for all that’s holy.

Now we fight these zealot worms,

who kill their own as well as ours.

Exploding bombs and severing heads,

all in an excuse for world power.

Persevere we must and not lose sight,

for this struggle will last years upon years.

This will not be instant gratification,

so be prepared for what must be done.

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