Of the Rose and the Lily


A name that fits, as if made especially for you

Slender, white, exquisite

Filled with wondrous beauty

And a smile that could out-burn

The scorching stars that dust a midnight canvas

Your eyes seem to mirror the serene morning sky in summer

Not a cloud in sight, just endless blue splendour

The impish glint of sunlight that could be found gracing a river-surface

Dwells within the magnificent blue

And dwelling within my very being

Is the bud of a fragile rose of scarlet red

Inert until the day that my eyes locked with your's

And since, it's as if the sunlight of your endless grace has been willing it to blossom

I hope that someday this delicate rose will be within your hands

The thorns still intact to remind you that not all is sweet and fragrant

The beauty of two flowers combined...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rosy actualy wrote this for me. I love it so much i had to put it up here with other poems.  ( I gave it a random title)

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