Longings of a statuess

In an unwanted embrace she was locked,

His arms wound around her like a vine around a tree

Blue she noticed was not in the sky today.

Gardens of roses and lilies surrounded them

Men came and went watering the flowers as they pass,

and all this time she longed for freedom,

Girls walked through the small space in their satin dresses,smelling the flowers and smiling up at the statue,

"came and said to me..."

And snippits of conversation invaded the frozen ears.

"went by the shop today. He wasn't there" like torturous droplets of water, conversation siddles past.

Moths would soon be joining her.

Among the midnight flowers they'll be dancing teasing her.

The sun was setting now, behind the clouds.

And now alone once more she dreams of diliverance.

The moon rises.

Champange like shafts of moonlight avoid the statue.

The nights are long and sleep is not a friend of hers.

Stars shine down on her marble face and finaly she is free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just random. but i like it.

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