Thinking of us.

Alone in the house with only my mind for company,

I sit in my room and think of you,

I think about the time we spent together,

and all the things we did in each others company.

I sit and stare at the photograph in it frame,

My favourite photograph, the one of me and you,

on bonfire night stood beneath the inky sky.

You and I we stood together snuggled up to one another,

I did not know where to look at you or the fireworks in the sky,

The sky alight with all colours of the rainbow,

The best display Hexhams ever had,

the 400th aniversary of guy Fawks,

And yet the only place I wanted to be was in your arms,

And there you were holding me close as if you'd never let go,

Now, while I'm so far away, my heart crys the tears that have run dry,

I never wanted to leave you, it hurts me as much as you,

To me you were, are, just so perfect, even if others couldn't see it,

The most amazing thing that ever happened to me,

The most important most valuble person in my life,

I don't know what id do if i lost you,

My quiding star. The one whose photo is in my wallet,

Whose picture i look at day and night,

Whose poetry i read every day,

The last thing i see at night and the first when i wake,

You are the one who sits in my heart

and the one i'll never let go,

In all honesty you are my one true love, my soulmate, and i miss you.

I'll come back home to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Alex. xxx

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