Times once past

Kassandra Darakov

Alone in the dark once more,

did I love him, that human?

I look back and realize,

there was barely any trust,

how could love have blossomed?!

My love for him was like the seasons.

In spring i was shy, a teacher in training,

unwanting of love other than from my friends,

but a summer opened it's doors,

something inside me changed,

I began to see why my father,

insisted it was that we marry,

This man had money,land space

enough to care for me so the matchmaker said,

and yet still i was unwanting,

as the summer began to wane,

a life was forced on me that i did not want,

a child i did not want, i was forced to bear,

Though here you'll find my mid autumn begins,

When first i did look upon,

my crying childs face,

i loved him only because he gave her to me,

It was after this that autumn became,

the harsh, bitter winter my love is now,

My child he would beat if she did not his bidding,

we would argue over how to treat her,

It was when i threatened to leave and take her, that he beat me,

hard, fist clenched, in the face,

In my anger i stormed out into the summer night,

In my heart the seasons move differently,

to the natural forces of time,

It was this night i did not return,

nor did i arrive,

It was this night in my friends arms did i die,

then she did die at my hand,

and lived again by my side,

we were rebourn, yet not to the same world,

my love did die for him,

when in his grief at my passing, he allowed,

my daughgter and my last human friend,

to be siezed and murdered.

To late we were for he and child,

my little girl for whom i'd die again to protect,

but our friend, a plea did make, our confident devils child,

we did save her, in a manour of speaking,

to our new world we brought her,

and together we three did stay,

with the mad one who made me this way.

Kassandra Darakov

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The devils child is Phoebe,
The friend in whose arms i died is Araceli.

Kassandra Darakov

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