My heart doth sing,

and soon i must go,

to leave the most wonderfull thing,

I did ever know,

Wither or where i shall wander,

my heart with him shall stay,

What does the the future hold, i stop to ponder,

Why it was i flew away,

Did i do something wrong?

Why did i let me=yself fall in love?

A quard rang the gong,

and yet i wandered on and on,

It was his hand that stayed the blade

It was his love that let me trust,

It was he that sat by me in the shade,

It was his touch that re-kindled lust.

It was Alex, that gave me everything and more,

I repaid him by leaving, with the promise i'd come back,

Departure forced me through the open door,

to a land where i do not want to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish I'd never left. I wish it wasn't so hard, for both of us.

I miss you.

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