After everything

you say this

then you say that.

What am i supposed to believe?

That you loved me?

That it wasn't unrequited?

Or, that i've never meant all that much to you,

that behind my back you were bitching about me?

That you didn't love me?

It was unrequited love?

You just used me?

you were only confused?

Well you can make up your own mind,

as to what you say and believe,

for me there is only emptyness,

and throughout this strangeness,

I will learn not to love you so much,

I will learn that i derserve better,

I will learn that i can be strong without you.

My life will get better,

of this i am determined,

i will regain my confidence,

My friends will stick by me,

Wether i'm twenty-four hours away or not.

My friends will support me,

in all that i do.

My mad mates,

Lauren- punches hard

Ruth- just insane

Julie- completely mental

Alex- knife fanatic

Hezz- cool clothes

John- the protecter

and lastly you...

Steve-after everything you are still my best friend. I can still list you in this group. The group of people i love because they are my friends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After everything that has happened over the last few weeks I still have my friends and they still have me.

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