Suckiness of lifes small tragedies

Blood, ah there it is,

droplets of it running down my arm,

Look around, no tissue, damn it.

Ah cotten wool, that'l do.

Snow white, died red, with the blood of our friendship.

I cut you out of my life,

like I cut the phrase in my arm.

It seems it has been written there for years,

invisible to my eye.

'Hurt me.'

Thats what it says, to you, to them.

The ones who don't care for me,

the ones who taunt and jeer,

every morn that is clear.

I wont take it any more.

You wont hurt me again, none of you will.

That box, you know the little metal one in my room,

a fairy on the front,

thats the one,

It conceals one of my friends,

a small steel blade...stainless it reads.

Bollocks to that!

Blood stains the blade, created for a stanley knife.

The blood has stopped now.

Our friendship ends here, now.

I'm not going to be friends with someone who only lies to me.

Why do you do that? I wonder, but I cannot answer my own question,

Only you wont though will you?

Is it because I'm leaving?

Is it because I'm gone for two years?

Or is it, what she advises it might be?..

Is it because you still love me, and regret leaving me, are you jealous of him, the one who has my heart now.

If that is it...don't be jealous anymore,

You've still got the heart you tore out of me,

the one in the jars thats beginging to rot,

You ripped it out, but a new one grew back.

You can't have this one. I wont let it happen again.

I deserve better than your treatment.

Pain, ah there we go,

The cuts are stinging now.

I feel better, much better.

I'll move on now, Leave behind the friendship we once had,

the closeness we shared,

I'm going to forget, the you i thought i knew.

You aren't that person, you wont ever be that person.

It's to hard for you.

I'll move on, I've my other friends back now.

I've got her. I've got everyone else I don't need you.

I don't want you.

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