Help the way i can

Too blinded by your fear to see,

All i've done is love you,

All you've done is hurt me,

You've forgotten where love is,

lost your way in the wild,

the path is miles in the other direction,

come, take my hand i'll lead you there,

Confront you fear, confront your past,

walk over them, leave it all behind,

in the past where it belongs,

The going is tough,

It'll hurt, it wont be easy,

but here is my hand i'll quide you through,

together we'll get there,

dont die cold,bitter and alone,

come back with me, smile,

sit here by the fire in your last days,

have my comapany, sweeten your pallet,

be happy. Your daughter still loves you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

kinda for my dad i quess. I hate the way he treats me, but i still love him. I dont know why but i do. its that unconditional love thing.

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